An initiative of Dr. Somdutt Prasad, one of the most prominent ophthalmologists and retinal specialists in Kolkata, in collaboration with equally distinguished colleagues, SIGHT 20-20 seeks to disseminate information on Ophthalmology both online and through a series of live meetings.


An renowned name in ophthalmology, Dr. Somdutt Prasad (MS, FRCSEd, FRCOphth, FACS and MFMLM) is one of the most renowned eye specialists in Kolkata. An expert and excellent communicator, Dr. Prasad has treated the most chronic eye diseases including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, venous occlusions and others. Dr. Prasad had been performing 1000 cataract surgeries each year with the use of advanced technologies IOIs (Intra Ocular Lenses) including toric, multifocal and accommodative lenses . He has also strengthened this medical service by working with different professional groups. His vast experience with new techniques and aspects of ophthalmology makes him a pioneer eye specialist in Kolkata.

Vision & Mission

The purpose of this initiative is to have an open ended conversation on Ophthalmology without any limitations vide moderators / panelists / chairman / co-chairman etc… and discuss and debate various developments and issues on ophthalmology.